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behiraI know I’m asking a very interesting question with the title of this blog post. The answer of course is: it depends.

If success is measured in terms of reach and user base, then Fuckbook is a complete failure compared to Facebook. Seriously. It is a pale shadow of the size of Facebook. Facebook has more than a billion members, and hundreds of millions of these members are active daily users. That’s how awesome Facebook is as a content source and as a traffic platform.

With that said, LocalFuckBook doesn’t have to be as big and as active as Facebook to be successful. If you define success as simply getting laid and meeting a lot of women and fucking a wide variety of women, then Fuckbook is already a success. Why? It’s able to leverage a lot of the internal processes of Facebook to solve fundamental problems.

You have to remember that whether it’s a sex site or a regular site, all websites have to deal with two basic issues. First, a website needs content; second, it needs traffic.

Facebook is able to fix this problem because it offloaded the solution to its users. It tells its users that they have this tool where they can show off and show their status to the rest the world. These people have an emotional incentive. They’re narcissists, so they put up all this bullshit on Facebook although they know that there is no audience for it. So what do they do? They drag in new members by inviting their friends, families, and coworkers. That’s how Facebook works.

Fuckbook works the same way, but you don’t invite your mom, your uncles and your aunts. No, you invite anonymous friends from forums. In other words, Fuckbook works because it uses a shadier version of the social networking strategy. It operates from the same basic playbook but with different needs and different twists.

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